Monday, July 11, 2022

Martial Arts: You Have To Steal The Art

Throughout training in the dojo one will hear various martial arts phrases relating to training, a way to approach understanding the philosophy of the martial arts.

The martial arts, not being an academic study, but rather a study in movement, means one approaches understanding through movement.

A moving philosophy.

“You have to steal the art…” is one of those philosophical phrases that one hears from time to time.

The first time that I heard it, what does it mean?

Stealing the art means, as you train and watch the teacher, you have to take *everything* in. Your destiny in the art, is in your hands alone.

Outside of class, are you training on your own, working through the physical lessons, making physical training the most important aspect?

Things in the martial arts can only be explained or even corrected so far, through training, *you* have to make those links- you have to carefully watch and see what you are seeing, and *steal*, making it your own through constant practice.

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