Bujinkan: The Hidden Side Of Black Belt

What does it take to get a black belt in the Bujinkan?

Certainly some schools have a list of techniques one might have to demonstrate and show a level of movement-proficiency in.

Maybe you have even seen some of the lists?

Lists and the visible movements are easy to focus on, but what about the hidden aspects of black belt?

The stuff that one is training on in each class, and budo encounter, but might not be aware of it?

Concepts such as:

Fudoshin: immovable heart.

Mushin: Movement without thinking.

San Shin: Three hearts.

Mushshin: Warrior heart.

The fighting spirit of the movement, the spirit of the movement behind the techniques and body dynamics.

As you progress through the ranks, and your budo taijutsu movement becomes more dynamic, keep and cultivate these other elements in mind.

Look for the in your in-class training, and work on cultivating them.

The hidden side of black belt.

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As friends (buyu) we come together to grow, learn, and share our individual potential in this wonderful martial art.

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