Bujinkan Kamae: Elimination Of Weak Points

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Kamae

Kyu Kamae, nine kamae (body postures) from the ten ryaku no maki.

We often start practicing these postures by standing, or sitting in them as best as way can, paying attention to the position of our arms, legs, and back, while trying to get as low as possible in each posture, especially ichimonji no kamae.

As proficiency is developed, one of the next ways to drill them is by adding movement and direction.

Walking around the dojo, and as smoothly as possible (nagare) shifting to kamae.

Back and forth, with as little tension as possible.

When we practice with a training partner, either across from each other, or as part of a waza or kata, the idea of kamae being linked to kyusho- weak points on the body.

Shifting back and forth with a partner, how do kamae cover your weak points on the body or in movement, how do they prevent openings (tsuki)?

Likewise, in shifting kamae, how do they open weakness in your training partner’s movement?

The dance of kamae.

This is a part of the visible, physical training- that which we can see in the dojo, but as with all taijutsu teachings, there is something a bit more.

Kyu kamae as part of the kihon- the basics of the dojo to practice every day.

Working on each posture- ichimonji, jumonji, hicho, etc. to eliminate the slightest weakness and imperfection.

What about kamae, meaning structure and support, in our lives?

As a martial artist- budoka, are you eliminating the weaknesses in your life?

Weaknesses and openings in the structure of other areas in your life?

Kamae as a *excuse* to illuminate weaknesses in other areas, and as a martial artist fix them, close any openings that you may have- tsuki.

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