Don’t Make Assumptions In The Dojo

What does a typical class look like in the dojo?

After a warmup of ukemi, kamae, and the kihon we will move to waza and kata- ways of interacting with a training partner.

Often the teacher or senior student will demonstrate a technique of kata with the class watching, followed by breaking up with a group or partner to practice it back and forth.

Depending on the practice and the tempo of the class, the teacher might make some adjustments, and naturally make correction to student’s movement as needed.

That is the *visible* aspect of training.

The stuff one can see by watching a class, the stuff an outsider watching a class would see and understand.

What about the *invisible* aspects?

There is always the invisible in the dojo.

Even if you are not aware of it.

So work to become aware of it.

Some of these invisibles?

Even when working with a single training partner in practice there is always the understanding that one is dealing with multiple training partners or attackers. That it is never one on one.

Making sure that your movement before and after the waza or kata reflects this.

The understanding that training tools- weapons could be involved at any moment. If not deployed could be deployed. Understanding what training tools might be deployed and making sure the distance is correct so they can be dealt with.

Certain invisibles are always in play.

Developing an awareness in movement for them.

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