Flying Bird Martial Arts Posture

This past weekend I had a fantastic opportunity to meet some new martial arts friends, networking and sharing ideas and experiences in the martial arts. 

Each of us asking and sharing a question, the one asked of me involved on of the nine postures- kyu kamae in our taijutsu art.

Could I show a posture and talk a little bit about it?

Out of the nine, the one that I like to share the most?

The flying bird posture.

In this martial arts posture you balance on one leg, with the front leg folded at the knee, the lead hand pointing out and away, and the rear hand held in a specific fist- secret spear fist.

An interesting and very dynamic posture that creates not only opportunity with a partner, the interaction of distance and timing, but also in solo-training, as a tool to really learn about body mechanics.

Sharing a little bit of that perspective.

Switching to this posture has you moving and balancing on one leg- first question is this: can you do it?

Can you balance on one leg?


Meaning, both the lower and upper half of your body is working together to be in timing and in balance.

Or are you making the fighting posture work by brute force?

There is also the chance to test body-perception.

Sometimes when one enters this posture, based on the footing of the ground, the pitch of the ground, or just the movement with a training partner, one has to shift the balance as one moves in posture, otherwise they will be out of balance in posture.

Can you feel if something is not working in the moment of movement?

Or are you using brute force and making it work.

Flying bird posture as a tool of self-discovery.

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