How Long Does It Take To Get A Black Belt?

How long does it take to get a black belt? 

When one is new to the martial arts, this is a natural first question. 

In the mind of many students, a black belt in the martial arts represents a level of proficiency in the arts, and as such a good question as to when they can expect to achieve a similar proficiency. 

But what would be the response to this? 

3 years? 

5 years? 


Much depends on the art, the teacher, and how much the student is able to consistently train in the arts. 

Another way of looking at it would be this- what is *needed* to get to black belt? 

With the martial arts being physical in nature, there is going to be a list or expected skills and methods of movement one needs to know as a black belt, and one will need to train and focus on this. 

An important part of this are the fundamental skills needed in your art- in the Japanese martial arts as an example, these fundamentals skills are known as the kihon, and often include ukemi, kamae, and footwork drills. 

Find and identify the *kihon* in your art and study strong! 

Yet, there are also other skills that complement the physical on the way to black belt, skills such as respect, dedication, and fighting spirit. 

Work to cultivate those skills along with the physical ones.

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