How To Get Good In The Martial Arts

You want to get good in the martial arts?

Having just stared your journey, setting your martial arts goals, now is the time to align and make tremendous progress.

How do you do this?

Every martial arts, regardless of tradition, school, or style has what is called the basics- the foundation.

In the Japanese martial arts, as an example, these are called the kihon.

A collection of basic movements, body postures, and footwork understandings that are the core movement of the martial arts you are studying.

The literal movement DNA that will unlock all of the other movements an understandings as you train in the martial arts.

Are you working to unlock them?

Find out what the basics-foundations of your art is, and simple practice them every day to the best of your ability.

Get feedback from your instructor and seniors in your school in helping to perfect them.

Don’t make the mistake as you gain some experience in the martial arts, once you *learn* these movement of not practicing them, or moving on from them.

Refinements of polishing of them is what is going to carry you up and through the more advanced lessons in the martial arts.

See you on the mat!

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