How To Punch In The Martial Arts

What makes for a good punch in the martial arts?

One of the fundamental techniques found in all styles, school, and disciplines, it is considered a foundation technique in many arts.

Punching can also be viewed as a gateway to further techniques as many are in-response to a punch.

While punching and striking in the martial arts depend on the factors of both the target and the fist being used, one primary skill that is needed to effectively punch is balance.

Being able to begin the momentum of a strike using the footwork, following through the strike, and ending in awareness and the ability to follow-up with what might be next.

All of this needs to be done while maintaining correct balance.

At worst, as one might have seen many times, out of balance movement will have one falling over or slipping to the ground, at best, being out of balance will leave openings in further movements.

Working on you footwork and body alignment when punching and striking to be and move in balance.

See you on the mat!

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