Martial Arts Kicking Methods

In this post let's explore and build a checklist of movements to be found when practicing martial arts kicks. 

The fundamentals that are present regardless of the type of kick that you are practicing. 

First on the checklist? 


As you kick the target are you in balance? 

One should be able, after the kick, to place the kicking foot down on the ground anywhere that is needed. 

Kicking off balance? 

What happens if you miss the target? 

What happens after the kick? 


Bending the base supporting leg- the leg not doing the kick, and keeping the foot flat on the ground. 

Your base leg is the stability linking you to the ground. 

It is the way to both aim the kick and keep your balance. 

Matching the kick to the target. 

Lots of different kicks and methods of kicking in the martial arts- an art form in itself. 

Being able to match the kick to the target, and not kick high or low, out of balance, etc. by using the wrong kick. 

See you on the mat!

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