Why You Need A Martial Arts Master

Why you need a martial arts master…

The martial arts are about developing both the potential of the mind and body through the martial ways. When done correctly, the potential for massive growth and progress is amazing.

In the martial arts, where do you want to be in a year?

Can you make that happen in half the time?

Why not?

In this post we are going to explore two often interchangeable ideas, that of the teacher, and that of the master.

Keeping those definitions for this post, to communicate a concept in movement and training.

The idea of a teacher- a person who you train under regularly who keeps you on track, introduces new movement, fixes where your weaknesses and openings are, and helps coach you in the martial arts.

The idea of a master- a person who is the head of a martial art, the person transmitting a certain way of doing things in the martial arts- tradition.

If you are serious about progress in martial arts, you need a teacher- a person who can straight up correct you each week and help eliminate your weaknesses.

If you are serious about the martial arts, having a master is also important, as one can get in trouble when the ego is not in check, taking you off and away from the martial path.

Being under a master, and following the rules of the tradition they are a master of safeguards this problem for you.

Do you have a teacher and a master?

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