Bujinkan Omote Gyaku

Bujinkan omote gyaku- outside wrist twist is an important part of our martial arts training.

Often we first encounter this waza (technique) in the kihon happo, our basic foundation ways of training.

Additionally it appears in the gyaku gi section of the chi ryaku no maki, and again in the jin ryaku no maki section of training.

One technique in many places.

What are a few different ways to approach this waza?

Distance first of course and taijutsu is the martial arts of distance. 

We use our hands to manipulate objects and express intentions, and often they are the first to enter the kukan- space. Just going with this distance, you use what is closest to you, and often this is your training partner's hand, which leads to entry for omote gyaku.

What about the kyusho?

In using the weak point of the wrist, how does it manipulate the balance of your training partner, by also locking up the shoulder, spine, hips, and leg?

There is a reason why omote gyaku appears multiple times across the three scions, ten, chi, jin of our taijutsu training, it is the interaction between self and your training partner.

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