Never Get Angry As A Martial Artist

Are you a martial artist?

Do you get angry?

As martial artists should we not be in control of self?

What about frustration or resentment?

Being happy is the best state.

When one is happy, experiencing joy, they are open to every possibility.

That is one of the reasons why we laugh and joke in martial arts training- despite the seriousness of it, which we always respect and keep in mind, keeping things *light* around such a subject allows opportunity for a breakthrough.

Anger, resentment, and frustration remove opportunity in the martial arts.

Let’s consider two possibilities.

You are on the mat training with a partner, and find yourself angry- perhaps they are making you angry. In the moment they have *captured* your movement, anger removes the ability to see and process opportunity.

Likewise, of we talk about the invisible skills in the martial arts, being able to sense the unknown, danger, and what is about to happen, anger turns the attention and focus inward, preventing that opportunity.

Let anger go.

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