Monday, September 19, 2022

Returning To Training After A Break In The Martial Arts

Excellent that you are returning to studying the martial arts.

It’s been a while, and you are ready to jump back into training.

Some points to focus on to get you back on track?

The biggest would be self-comparison to any of the other students in the class. The reasons why you took a break or were forced to take a break from the martial arts are past- you are back, focus on that.

If you are returning to the same school, some of your fellow martial artists that you knew might be a bit further ahead- so what, doesn’t impact your journey at all.

First thing is to (re)focus on the basics.

That every martial art regardless of style, tradition, or school has a series of foundation techniques- in the Japanese martial arts, known as the kihon.

These foundation techniques are the building blocks of all the movement- focus on them and get back on track.

Where are you with regard to personal fitness?

Sure there are spiritual and philosophical aspects of the martial arts, but the ‘arts are physical and require physical movement. Commit to being the best in shape that you can be for where you find yourself in life right now.

Build connections.

Approach training as if everything is new again, and allow yourself to ease back to training.

See you on the mat!

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