Why You Still Need A Martial Arts Teacher

In learning the martial arts, does one every reach a point where they no longer need a teacher?

What happens when you reach Black Belt, or master status in the art?

Why do so many students, when achieving teacher status, leave and start a school?

To be student of something means that you have a teacher, and the moment you don’t have a teacher you are no longer a student.

Does that mean as a teacher/master you have nothing else to learn in the art?

A teacher, without a teacher is no longer growing.

On a practical level, having a teacher means that you have a mentor/teacher making corrections in your movement, pointing out adjustments that need to be made- helping you to eliminate weakness.

Even if they have taught you the kata, and all the variations, continuing to train with them allows them to refine you movement.

On a practical level, to make sure you are on track, having a teacher to correct you each week in class keeps you on the path.

Beware of teachers that no longer have a teacher.

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