Bujinkan Punching Training Drill

In our training we are told about the importance of the kihon- the basic movements that are the building blocks of our taijutsu movement. Remembering that there are many ways to explore these kihon movements, and one should never tire of them, or think they are at a point where they no longer matter.

In this martial arts training post I’d like to explore one such training drill that touches on a few of these kihon points, but first the drill itself…

You are your training partner are across from each other in ichimonji no kamae.

The drill begins with one partner attacking with a punch- tsuki gata, and the other training partner receiving the punch with jodan uke.

Right after this, the training partner that received the punch, follows up with a punch, and the other training partner receives with jodan uke.

The drill continues like this back and forth with good kamae, tsuki, distance and flow.

First the basics.

Being able to stand and move in ichimonji no kamae.

Being able to deliver a good tsuki- punch.

Understanding correct distance and timing- how and when to punch, how and when to receive.

Many other important points to explore and experience in this basic drill- one of them?

At the start of the drill, both training partners are the correct distance away for the kamae and the attack. As the drill goes back and forth, both have to be aware and able to continually maintain that distance, often what happens over doing the drill for a few minutes is that both partners get closer and closer, the distance being off for the kamae and the tsuki and suddenly it is harder to do taijutsu.


See you on the mat!

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