Martial Arts: Taking Care Of Your Feet

Distance, timing, angles, all aspects of martial arts movement.

Practicing the various training drills in the martial arts, footwork being vital to the movement.

Paying attention to the feet.

But what about the condition of your feet?

What about what you are wearing?

In our Bujinkan training we have a set of dragon body exercises to keep the body limber and loose- working on the natural rotation and flexibility of the ankles and the toes, allowing us to build dexterity and a range of motion in our feet.

Which is important for making that distance, timing, and angles work.

Martial arts footwear.

Wearing the correct type of shoes/sneakers not only in training, but in day-to-day life.

Footwear that can protect the feet from the ground, yet at the same time allow a sense of awareness and light-footed-flexibility, in order to be able to make distance, timing, and angles work.

Binding your feet in heavy shoes or boots will not help your taijutsu movement.


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