Practicing A Martial Arts Kata By Yourself

In our martial arts training, kata are an important part of the transmission.

Kata are a preset arrangement of movements between you and a training partner where the feeling of transmission takes place. Kata teach methods, strategy, feeling- a way of doing things in the martial arts.

So what about practicing kata by yourself?

When you don’t have a training partner is there a way to review them?

Yes, with some change.

Working through a kata with a training partner, one explores distance, timing, and rhythm, so without a partner, the focus shifts.

Balance and mechanics are always important, and even with a partner one is working on these aspects, but when done solo, really focus on them.

With the speed of the kata, go a little slower- really test and feel the balance as you move and shift from part to part.

Are you moving in balance?

The kata as a vehicle of self-discovery regarding your movement.

Kata are possible to train alone, although not the ideal methods of transmission in that manner, there is always something to work on and refine regarding them.  

See you on the mat!

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