Practicing The San Shin No Kata Correctly

Class always begins with the san shin no kata and the kihon happo.

A chance to warm up, set the basic-movements in motion, and make any adjustments and improvements to practice at home.

We cycle through the san shin no kata a few times, pause for some corrections, and continue through another set to work on the adjustments.

There are things one can easily see or spot in the moment with regard to corrections, and other things which come later.

After the final set, looking down at the ground under your feet…

As most of our martial arts practice takes place outdoors across all seasons, using nature is a chance to inspect the training movements in that moment.

What does the grass look like under your feet?

It the grass and dirt all ripped up?

Is the grass a bit flat, but still intact and without being disturbed?

What is the feedback from nature?

Regarding the footwork of that san shin no kata, are you dragging your feet?

Shuffling them around?

Ripping up the dirt and grass?


Are you moving by stepping and are in control of your balance and movement?

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