Secrecy In The Martial Arts

In today’s world of information, sharing, and social media, what importance if any does secrecy have in the martial arts?

Should things still remain secret in the martial arts?

Let’s explore a few ideas.

Naturally to start it depends on the school and tradition.

As part of a martial tradition one follows the rules- if something is secret, for good reason, it remain secret. At a certain level, if one is able to open up and share some secrets, that is ok.

Yes and no regarding secrecy.

One could say that secrecy in the martial arts is no longer needed.

We no longer live in a martial culture, a warrior culture, so what interest is there in the martial arts beyond sport and hobby? You can put everything out there, all the secrets and everything, and they are safe as there is no interest.

Is that so?

One could also say, secrecy depends on the heart of the person.

Heart to heart, person to person transmission.

In sharing the secrets of the martial arts, is the recipient a good person?

Are they going to use these taijutsu skills to make the world a better place?

To use the martial arts in a just way?

To grow as an individual, so that in doing so, other can grow?

Perhaps this case-by-case feeling determines the importance of secrecy in the martial arts.

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