Sojutsu (Yari) Using The Spear

The spear is a complex training tool, and while one often employs the entire stick using elements of bojutsu, at the heart of it, the spear involves placing the point at and into a target- often one that is moving.
We often practice in a big field and are accustomed to having lots of room to move about and play with, so the question is, if tasked with hitting something with a spear how do you do that? What if your training partner just keeps on moving, jumping, and avoiding away?
How do you create a confinement of space out of nothing?
That is the key in terms of using the spear.
If you back up your training partner to a wall or tree, now there is less space to move, and this is an obvious example, but when faced with unlimited space, or even a small space that is open it is the footwork behind the spear that prevents avoiding it.
Surprisingly (or perhaps not) geometry powers the footwork. In the triangle diagram below we have the top of the triangle as the spar point, and each side point as one of your feet as in diagram 1. Diagram two is the footwork in seigan no kamae where the feet push and funnel your training partner into a direct line right in front of the spear point- and that is how you create space out of nothing. Your kamae and it’s extension of the spear restrict what your training partner can do to you- and if they want to do anything they have to put themselves right across and opposite that spar point- not the place to be.

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