Thoughts On Training In Multiple Martial Arts Schools At The Same Time

Can you train in multiple martial arts?

What is the rule of the dojo regarding being a member of two schools?

Training in two traditions at the same time?

Naturally this will depend on the school and tradition, so all I can offer is advice with regard to how I handle it in the dojo.

Who am I to judge a martial path?

Students in the dojo are permitted to train in any martial arts of classes they like, as long as they adhere to the rules of the Bujinkan.

I do my best, with compassion, to transmit the movement to all who train and practice with us without any qualifiers.

No limits.

Come and train.

All I ask is this:

That when you train at another school or dojo-style, you practice what they are showing, what that teacher is imparting- don’t do *Bujinkan* in another dojo.

You are not there for that, you are there for that transmission.

Immerse in that experience.

Likewise when at our dojo- Bujinkan, move and immerse in that experience.

As long as one can separate these two, harmony in the dojo- both places can be maintained.

Bufu will take you where you need to go.

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