Hyōjō Hokō Training: Walking On Ice

In our taijutsu training we have a section of movement called Hyōjō Hokō: walking on ice. 
Exploring these movements are they methods of walking on ice, or are they methods to learn about balance and correct movement? 


As part of our taihenjutsu training (body changing art), walking and moving in balance are an important part of all the waza that we study. 

We always want to move in-balance, and as we interact with out training partner, get them to move out-of-balance. 

By exploring walking on ice and other slick services we learn about the transfer of weight and the movement of the hips in real time, making those real time adjustments. 

Practicing movement and kamae Hyōjō Hokō. 

Practicing partnered waza Hyōjō Hokō.

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