Muon No Ho: Silent Walking Methods

Muon no ho- silent walking methods: 無音の法.

It’s that time of year…

The first falling leaf of autumn has given way to a burst of colors and falling leaves.

An in that carpet of leaves is our yearly chance to practice the silent movement methods of muon no ho.

Walking across the leaves without making a sound, or if a sound is made, having it be a natural sound of moving through the leaves.

In this part of our training, taken from the ten chi jin ryaku no maki, we find that it is beyond just walking silently.

Walking silently as an excuse to self-understand correct movement. The correct control of the body, balance, and distance in order to be correct. Make a mistake in your movement, or if something is off because one is not aware, that awareness is revealed by the noise being made.

Initial practice is working on shifting the balance through the practice of correct walking in shizen no kamae, followed by the shifting weight in shizen no kamae.

Practice walking through the leaves, not being concerned with making noise or not, followed by working on correcting the movement- self-diagnosis.

At the end of class, having a training partner sit in the center with the eyes closed and ears open as we walk past them.

Don’t make a sound and get pointed out.

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