Ninjutsu Stealth & Silent Walking Training

Autumn is in full swing here in the Northeast USA, the trees full of colors, blankets of colored leaves covering the ground.

A perfect excuse to practice some silent walking- can you make it across without making any sounds?

And, as long as we are practicing some silent walking, what about some shurikenjutsu training?

Silent walking and shuriken are certain skills to be developed in taijutsu, but they are also an excuse to practice taijutsu, fun movement exercises to help develop an understanding and control of the human body.

The training drill for the class.

One of us sits in the center of the field of leaves, eyes closed, a stack of rubber/soft shuriken in hand. *

Students begin on the other side of the field and have to move across the leaves as quietly as possible, and not get tagged by a shuriken.

Don’t get hit, and make it to the other side- using taijutsu.

Sitting in the center, eyes closed, and listening for the approach and pass.

When they are thrown at you, using ukemi to receive the shuriken- perhaps changing the body, perhaps slapping them out of the air, perhaps using a training tool to deflect.

Knowing based on how the shuriken are thrown at you if they are a probe to detect movement, or if they are aware of where you are.

If one has to make noise to move, using shiho tenchi tobi to quickly shift away.

* Obviously and absolutely never practice with real shuriken in hand, observing all federal, state, and local laws.

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