Santo Tonko No Kata Practice

Practicing the various Santo Tonko no Kata.

They started off easy enough, *easy* as in working with a single partner. Using the lock to take the timing and balance, shifting the weight, ukemi and throwing the training partner.

My turn as uke.

How did it feel?

Each presentation of a wrist lock / take ori has a different flow. I tried to capture this flow, letting myself be thrown without consciously resisting to try and *feel* what it is like.

Next few have us evading a sword and using movements to escape from it.

Striking the kyusho weak points that enter the space from the cut.

That balance of striking nagare and kote well, but no so well we can’t escape with footwork.

Last few now seem to be…well…impossible.

Surrounded by training partners, using the distance and timing, to find that hidden door to escape through.

First being able to create it.

Second being able to escape through it.

Both happen at the same time.

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