Three Ways Of Practicing The Kihon Happo

The kihon happo movements are fundamental to our art in unlocking the freedom of movement and correct structure found in our taijutsu movement.

Various articles, posts, and videos have been produced demonstrating these techniques, Bujinkan Tetsuzan Densho being an excellent example, and they are taught in every Bujinkan dojo- often at the beginning of each class.

One learns the fundaments of the art and never stops polishing them, always making sure to cultivate the heart of a beginner.

But what about practicing these forms at home, if and when we don’t have a training partner?

As they are paired-partner forms, can we work on aspects of them outside of class?

Yes and yes.

Lacking a training partner, we can’t practice the distance and timing of them, but we can explore these three aspects of the movement:


Performing the movements as slow as possible. It’s easy to hide poor movement by going fast, or rushing through a technique. Moving slow, are you moving in balance, can you move in balance?

Or at least not fall over in the movement, especially with hicho no kata or hicho no kamae.


Can you perform the key movements of each kata in a flowing motion, smooth from start to finish? Working on flow and moving in a relaxed manner.


How is your body alignment?

Spine straight and relaxed?

Hips correct?

Knees and feet moving in the correct directions for the kata/kamae?

1, 2, 3.

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