Three Ways Of Practicing The San Shin No Kata

In last week’s martial arts training post HERE we explored the san shin no kata in some detail.

A natural follow up to that practice would be exploring the thee different ways one can practice them in the dojo and at home practicing outside of the dojo.

The first possibility is to just focus on the movements.

Make them as relaxed and as perfect as possible, paying attention to body structure and alignment.

Are you getting low enough?

Are you smooth as you move, or are you moving up and down in height with the footwork?

Is the upper half of your body in timing with the lower half?

Doing the san shin no kata as a way to perfect the Bujinkan kihon movements.

The second possibility is to practice them in a partnered format- with a partner throwing a punch or kick, and performing the san shin no kata from that perspective.

Is your distance and timing correct?

Openings in your kamae or movement?

The third possibly is to do them as part of a moving meditation.

Breathing naturally, relaxed flowing movements, not thinking about anything for ten or fifteen minute as you cycle through them.

Different ways to explore and learn from the movements.

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