Training In Shoten No Jutsu: Running To Heaven

Training In Shoten No Jutsu: Running To Heaven

It wasn’t a question of getting up there, it was more of a question of how I was going to get down.

We had been using an old sloped stone wall to practice some shoten no jutsu- methods of running to heaven- ways of running up a wall.

It was a good wall to practice on, the angle forcing that shift in running where you have to transfer your balance, while at the same time having enough height to go at the current level where you find yourself in training.

And of course, once at the top, taking ukemi to land back on the ground.

The biggest challenge?

Thinking about the approach.

Thinking about when to calculate the shift in movement, or thinking about how one holds back just a little so you don’t slam into the wall.

The first few runs are just that, getting past the projected mental limitations.

After a few successful runs at shoten no jutsu, the next question?

What about running up people?

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