Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Dojo Is The Safest Place In The World

It was a rough landing from a hard throw.

Even with ukemi taihenjutsu it was a difficult roll, an ukemi of self-preservation.

They did manage to do it, but winded and a bit dizzy in the process of getting up.

Stepping back in line, did they notice that myself and one of the other senior students shifted and moved in behind them, at the correct distance just in case something happened?

It’s not that we didn’t think they could do it, when one steps out on the dojo floor they assume responsibility for all actions, but seniors (sempai) always look out for juniors (kohai), often when done correctly, the juniors in the training are not even aware of it.

The dojo, the training, the way often appears as a paradox for those not undergoing to training.

When observing the dojo, it appears as a dangerous place.

People punching, kicking, being thrown around.

Why would anybody sign up for this?

Yet for those inside the dojo, it is an opposite paradox in that that dojo is perhaps one of the safest places in the world. Here in this sacred space, for an appointed time, those interested in the way step outside of space and time to learn a tradition passed down for 1000 years. One is carefully led through the training process, a process which has been used for generations to produce and bring out the best in the individual.

In the dojo, one is encouraged, supported, and pushed to the limit but never beyond what is capable in the moment, which through the training becomes more and more.

Corrections from the teacher and senior students are done not out of harshness, but out of love and compassion, so one can arrive as close to perfection and complete movement as possible.

There is nothing to be scared of in the dojo, which in terms of mistakes or getting something wrong- that is OK, one gets to try at it again, or as many times as one needs.

Compare that to a situation outside of the dojo.

The dojo as a place, a way to become a complete human being through natural taijutsu movement.

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The aim of the Bujinkan Shinmyoken Dojo (school of the life giving sword) is to understand nature and the movement of being zero through taijutsu- martial ways of using the body. The school exists to create and transmit this feeling and method through the experience of isshi soden.

Located in Westchester New York, the Bujinkan Shinmyoken Dojo is a martial arts training group founded in 2005 with the aim of coming together as martial arts friends to study the Japanese martial arts of Masaaki Hatsumi through the movement lessons of the Bujinkan Dojo.

Training is supervised by Fred Feddeck who has been studying Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu since 1993.

Classes are held on Saturday Mornings from 9-11 AM at a local park in Yonkers New York easily accessible by car, train, and bus. Additional training times are held for workshops and seminars each quarter.

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