Shinmyoken” is a kotodama for our training group.

It provides an insight into how we should apply our training from the ten chi jin ryaku no maki.

It is what we hope to become through serious, hard, and compassionate training. It is yet another point of light to help navigate the gift of budo.

Shin refers to the heart; developing the martial arts though constant dedicated training, being self-critical with our ability, and always refining the basics as expressed through the ten chi jin ryaku no maki.

Shin when cultivated correctly through the years leads to myo– something mysterious in the martial arts. Something that can only be experienced first-hand to understand. Something that happens in training where the pieces fit together and it just “happens”.

Myo when cultivated leads to ken, a weapon (sword), knowing that when there is no other option other than the martial arts.

This “ken” is jissen gata.

Ten Chi Jin

Shu Ha Ri

Shin Myo Ken

Auspicious Day 2005

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