Are Some Bujinkan Kata More Important?

An interesting discussion yesterday about practicing one of the kata in our Bujinkan tradition, leading to another question.

Given all the wonderful kata in our Bujinkan training, are some kata more important when compared to others.

On the practice side how should we approach this?

On a practical level, the kata found in the jin ryaku no maki section of our training is very important, as this is the *kihon* of the Bujinkan dojo method of movement.

These kata should always be studied and enjoyed.

Which lead to our next question- what kata are you responsible for right now?

At different levels of training, and one progresses in the art, certain kata will be shown and shared- that, where you are right now becomes very important.

Not only in learning the movement, but in trying to capture the transmission of the feeling between you and your teacher or the shihan showing and sharing the kata.

As this list grows, so does your responsibility of what needs to be known and demonstrated- that is what ranks the importance of the kata.

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