Bujinkan Ed Martin: Thank You

In that moment I found myself lost in the sea of training.

It was at the 1997 New Jersey Tai Kai that I got my first big exposure to the Bujinkan community and as a kyu student I didn’t quite know what to expect.

Attending with the dojo and my teacher, we had gotten separated for a bit as some of the group was called to perform on the stage, leaving me along to practice some of the jojutsu we were working on.

It was in that moment alone, and needing some help that I just happen to find myself working next to Ed Martin and his group.

I didn’t know him or his group, but in seeing me working through the movements and not having a training partner, he invited me over to his group and practiced with me himself.

He extended such a kindness to me, and was so genuine and open in spirit working with me- just a kyu student at the time, and when the technique changed and my own group came back, he extended an invitation to come over any time.

Twenty some years later I can still remember the experience and the genuine kindness he extended to me, and how something so simple as that as a kyu student has helped shape my training.

Thank you Ed Martin.





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