Bujinkan Jodan Uke Training Drills

Some kihon drills from our last class.

Walking naturally in shizen-tai as a training partner moves with jodan tsuki- a punch to your face.

Step off the line of the attack at an angle, jodan uke the attack, and move away to create distance.

A few points that we explored in class.

The most important?

Get out of the way of the attack- get offline. First response for any martial arts technique is to use footwork to put you in a safe position, taking you out of the way of the danger- in this training drill a punch, while at the same time making it hard for your training partner to continue with another attack.

Something enters your personal space, get out of the way and maintain correct distance.

The jodan uke mechanics have us moving to a *low* inchimonji no kamae.

Getting low for stability, power generation, and as a way to unbalance and take the balance of our training partner. Before we have even *done* the waza- the jodan uke part, we have put ourselves in a safe place and taken the balance of our training partner.

The jodan uke arm rotation is big, and strikes the arm- ken kudaki. It is not a parry or a block, but a strike to the kote kyusho in order to unbalance your training partner even more, and open up kyusho for further waza.

Finally moving away to disengage from your training partner.

Additional points: Keeping the rear hand up to protect at all times. Have it relaxed and without tension.

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