Bujinkan Kicking Drills & Training

Training in the Bujinkan we have heard it from multiple sources- Soke, Shihan, and instructors: walking is kicking.

Moving from place to place, we just naturally walk, and kicking should just be the same way. As one walks, the kick just extends out- low, medium, high, forward, side or back.

Kicking tends to take a little longer to develop a proficiency in for most students as it is a new way of using the legs.

Even if we have not studied the martial arts before, we have a level of proficiency with hand and arm manipulation and direction.

Unless coming from a specialized sport, say like soccer, it takes a bit of time and practice to begin using the legs and feet like arms and legs.

We always practice kicking in class, it’s part of the kihon- but today we really drilled down and deep.

The drill.

Walking at a natural pace, without stopping, practice kicking- especially kicking behind, and to the sides- places and methods where a kick is not always expected to appear- at least not in the common martial arts circles.

Focusing on not only fluidity, but also stability and balance.

We are not kicking a target or a training partner in this drill- all we have is the air.

So if one is out of balance or the kick is off, there is no beginner like recovery by leaning in to the target to regain balance.

Out of balance and I can see it, or out of balance you fall over.

Kicking fast and hard allows one to hide mistakes.

Kicking slow and while moving exposes all the mistakes.

Practicing kicking, but also an analysis of self-movement.

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