Bujinkan: The Effects Of Body Tension On Movement

As we work out way through class, what am I looking for in movement?

What are some of the skills to identify, that if I can call attention to, the members in the group- myself included can remember and work on in our own training outside of class?

Removing body tension. Working on moving as fluidly and relaxed as possible no matter the exercise, waza, or kata.

Remaining relaxed helps keep correct body alignment and balance, allows one to adapt to changes in movement, and provides for ukemi.

I’m always looking and impressing to remove tension in a person’s martial arts movement. Junan taiso- body stretching is the first step, along with light exercise to keep the joints moving- walking is great for this.

As we make our way through class, after we have been doing an exercise or waza for a bit, I stop the group and ask: what are you feeling right now?

Pause for a moment and stand relaxed shizen.

Any points on the body that feel stiff?

Lower back?



Where have you been carrying tension through what was just being practiced?

Can we explore footwork and posture (kamae) to correct the tension?

Perhaps more junan taiso and body work in that area?

Constantly eliminating tension.

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