Learning Martial Arts From A Book

Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu AKA the purple book is an important training reference in our taijutsu martial arts.

As with any martial arts, there are fundamental movements and training items which for the foundation of movement, often published in a book by the founder or senior students of the art.

This leads to the question: can you learn the martial arts from a book?

As a frame of reference many subjects can be learned from a book, and with the advent of video and streaming more opportunities for learning and knowledge have opened up.

But the martial arts are a bit different.

Being a physical art, and one that needs to be experienced, learning from a book or video is not possible, and could be very dangerous given that martial arts deals with potential life and death situations.

One needs the correction and guidance of a teacher.

But that is not to say books (and videos) don’t have value- they do if you are a student of the art.

They provide a reminder of skills and techniques to keep in mind and practice, and most importantly a frame of reference that one can take to a teacher and as for explanation and correction- what does this mean? How do I practice this?

Books enhance the training, they are not the training.

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