Martial Arts Training Notes

One of my students asked me to show one of the traditional training forms in our marital arts- one of the kata.

Finding it in the densho, it took me a few moments of study which might have seen a bit puzzling?

The kata was only a few lines of movement, and certainly I had practiced it myself numerous times over the years of training.

So what was taking so long?

Certainly there are technical aspects and unwritten aspects- kuden to remember, but in that moment when I read the densho or my training notes what do I see, what is the connection?

I see in my mind and feel in my heart those who showed me the kata in the past- Soke, shihan, shidoshi, who shared it with me, took the time to train me, and correct me.

What did it feel like?

As the kata was done, how did it change my movement?

What did it prevent me from doing?

How did it take my distance, timing, and balance?

How do I experience that feeling again, now in the moment where I am practicing that same kata again in the here and now?

Martial arts notes, vs. martial arts feeling, capturing the feeling, remembering the feeling, and being able to explore from that feeling moving ahead.

Past to future.

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