Modern Japanese Kenjutsu Study

In focusing on the application of the martial arts, in the here and now of today, what place do traditional historical training tools like the Japanese sword hold?

In this modern era, why study kenjutsu?

Can one *truly* study the Japanese martial arts without studying the sword?

In this post, we are going to share some insights on why the sword is an important training tool in our taijutsu body movement studies.

In the martial arts, the mechanics of balance, distance, timing, and rhythm are always in play.

From the perspective of a new student being able to see, understand, and study distance can be a challenge.

This is one of the reasons why in learning the martial arts, many of the movement are big- so one can see and understand them, slowly internalizing them, moving to eventually make them small and invisible.

In this practice the sword is used as a training tool to understand the distance of three feet- a medium distance, through body postures and cutting with the sword.

For the sword to *work* it operates at 3 feet, and to defend, staying away form 3 feet.

As we continue with out study- the importance of learning how to hold, cut, and move with the sword is important to the study of more advanced lessons found in juppo sesshou and muto dori.

In our taijutsu lessons, the sword is the vehicle used to impart this feeling and transmission, so one needs to understand how it operates from both the perspective of uke and tori.


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