San Shin No Kata For Beginners

The san shin no kata is an important cornerstone of our Bujinkan dojo martial arts training.

Excellence on so many levels, it unlocks many different perspective on movement and application- for beginning students, intermediate students, and even advanced students.

A lifetime of study.

In this post we are going to explore *some* of the ideas behind the san shin no kata from the perspective of a beginning new student- offering a perspective of the action points that we look for in our own Bujinkan training group.

We start by looking at the starting kamae for each of the kata and ask are we in good form-kamae.

Getting low, with knees bent. Spine straight, arms and shoulders relaxed. Head over shoulders.

Start off in a good posture.

When the attack comes in, the second set of motions, we use footwork to get off the line of the attack, and then receive the attack. an important kyu level message here is this: something is entering your space, get out of the way, move and put yourself in a safe place- using distance, timing, kamae, and footwork.

We receive.

Followed by a counter.

But what is the counter doing?

Yes, we are learning and practicing omote and ura shuto- two very important hand positions in the Bujinkan.

Learning boshiken.

These would be correct answers and focus points.

But we are also learning how to take the balance of our training partner as a response.

Putting them in a position where they can not attack back, opening up further methods for us to remove ourselves from danger.


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