Yoga Taihenjutsu

So recently in my own training I have been revisiting ukemi- rolling, landing, leaping, and receiving attacks.  Not that I haven’t been practicing them all along as a crucial skill in the martial arts, as they are, and should always be on your practice list regardless of rank or time in training, but when I say revisit, them I mean approach them from a fresh perspective.

While the ‘arts are about repetition and day in and day out training, we have to be mindful about getting trapped into one way of doing things- we need to be mindful and keep exploring beyond the basics with the basics.

With that in revisiting ukemi I have been using by linking ukemi to stretching- using ukemi as a way to self diagnose my body. I begin my daily training with stretching of course, paying attention to my joints and then once I’m warmed up and ready to go I practice ukemi very slowly- think yoga.

Then once I’m done practicing ukemi I stop and stand up and “listen” to my body.

What areas feel sore?

Are my shoulders tight?

How does my back feel?

I then do some more stretching to address these areas and then next time I practice ukemi try to focus on these trouble spots.

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