Bujinkan Training Class Notes July 7, 2018

In the past few classes we have been exploring the various ways to use the kamae (martial arts postures) in the ten ryaku no maki section of training to help unlock the principals of freedom of movement.

Last week was ichimonji no kamae, this week we explored shizen no kamae.

In shizen you stand “natural”, spine straight and relaxed, you hands at your side. Balance is even, and the posture has the feeling and footwork of being able to move in any direction with minimal effort at any moment.

In this posture (shizen) we imagine a ring around us on the ground- about three or four feet out, depending on how long our legs are and how we move, for some the ring will be bigger, and other smaller.

When our training partner enters this “ring”, this personal space, we begin to move with the posture shizen to adjust the distance and keep us safe.

Once we understanding the distance we can understand the appropriate response.

Why is distance so important in the martial arts?

With our training partner we can’t control if they are bigger, stronger, or faster vs. our own physical attributes.

BUT, we can control the distance which allows us to control those other bigger, stronger, faster attributes.

Shizen is the first step in “seeing” the distance in action and changing with it, controlling it.