Martial Arts Training Fundamental Movement Guide (PDF)

In that moment of action, regardless of style, technique, or application in the martial arts there is only movement.

The point in time when action takes over and there is only you and the other person- will you know what to do?

What are the martial arts?

How are these arts transmitted to the next generation?

How does one “learn” the martial arts?

Our martial arts are about movement and understanding how the human body works mechanically. There are no techniques or set forms- the transition of the art is in understanding the manipulating of distance and timing. It is the passing of eternal ideas and strategies from teacher to student as it was done by the Japanese samurai for hundreds of years before.

Our practice is about illustrating the concepts so one can better understand them and begin to see them in the day to day movement of people. First you understand yourself and how you move, then how others move, and finally by combining the two one arrives at the transmission of the art.

Our art is about creating opportunity in the moment, an opportunity to put yourself in a better situation, an opportunity to neutralize a situation, and opportunity above all others to escape a situation and make it back home safely.

These are the questions we explore in each class, and the solution to that moment of action- in that moment of critical decision there is only movement.

An introduction to some of these training concepts in presentation and application is available for download with our Movement In The Martial Arts training guide.

You can view or download the PDF guide through the link below:

Movement In The Martial Arts PDF training guide.