Anger In The Martial Arts

Along with our physical studies in the martial arts, it is important to explore the spiritual aspects.

Fudoshin, zanshin, mushin.

Martial arts concepts of how to use the mind in training, and certain ways of thinking through the movements.

Some very exotic and esoteric concepts.  But what about the very base and human philosophies that operate in us.

Like anger?

As with any personal journey, one evolves over time, guided by experience. What one thinks is true right now, might not be in a few years. One knows that they are making progress in the martial arts if they can look back over the years and realize how wrong they are.

So nothing that is every said should be taken at 100% certainty.  But I will say this with certainty:  I’ve never seen anybody with anger issues make it far in the martial arts.  If you have anger issues you will self destruct along the way.  But people can change.  Many would not be let into the dojo in the first place.  Martial arts knowledge has the highest illumination and it has to be guarded and give to those with the correct heart.

With the martial arts, once something is “learned”, it can never be unlearned so caution is needed.

But it’s not just outright anger or explosive crazy in your face anger that we are talking about.  Anger shuts down your ability to physically move.  It not only creates tension of the body, but also of the mind.  It makes what should be flowing and flexible rigid.  It reduces your options down to a single one.  But anger can also creep up over time, putting you in danger by cutting off your awareness of what is around you.

Situations that make you angry, dealing with situations that over time lead to anger, carrying anger passively around you.

Walking into a situation with passive anger buts you at risk.

At best you will not be aware of what is going on around you due to anger, at worst, others will see it and use it against you.  Especially if they have been trained to do so.

Naturally we are all human, with human problems, but anger is one that can’t exist in the martial arts, and needs to be dissipated and let go.

Focus on the esoteric martial arts stuff, assuming one has all the base emotional stuff in place first.

Does your martial art address anger?

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