Bothering To Sit In Seiza

Sitting in seiza, with the legs tucked under on the ground is a traditional/common way of sitting in the Japanese martial arts.

For western students of the Japanese martial arts, do we need to learn how to sit this way, and does it still have value in the modern martial arts.


And not only because it part of the tradition.

A few ways to explore it.

Admittedly, for many of us, there is an added layer of having to first be able to sit in seiza as it is not part of our daily routine- it uses the leg muscles in ways that we don’t normally do- same with flexibility of the hips.

It’s going to take some time and practice to get a good seiza posture down.

For the sake of tradition, imparting the very strategy of the school and its movement, one needs to learn how it is done from seiza and why. To “modernize” it from standing means something vital is lost.

There are seiza waza and there are standing waza.

Second, it teaches a new way of moving in balance for the martial artist. A new way to adapt and challenge as you move in balance vs. doing everything standing, and from that layer it also has tremendous value.