Budo Taijutsu Kicking Drills

Kicking drill training points from a recent class…

Before we explore the actual kicking component, what is happening with your hands?

At a kyu level we are only concerned  with just keeping the hands *up* while kicking- keeping them at a level where they can protect and guard the face.

The distance might be off, but it is a start.

Over time we can tighten this up, but making sure the hands don’t drop when kicking is vital.

From there we look at the legs.

Kicking not only straight ahead, but also to the sides, and the rear.

Do you neglect rear kicking in training?

Sometimes they don’t get practiced as much for some reason.

Using the base leg for stability, and making sure that as we kick, it does not raise up or lift the foot off the ground.

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