Budo Taijutsu Punching Drills

A punching drill and martial arts training exercise from our class last Saturday.

You stand across from your training partner and they jodan tsuki.

You receive the strike with jodan uke.

Back and forth for a bit, switching the role of uke and tori.

After a bit, a second tsuki (punch) is added.

Now it is tsuki, jodan uke, tsuki, jodan uke.

Back and forth for a little longer.

Now add a third punch.

The drill is not to let your training partner just blast off three strikes unchecked, but rather as a training drill of self-diagnosis- are you using correct footwork to get off the angle of the attack?

Easy to do with a single punch.

But against multiple strikes- making sure that for *each* step the distance is correct.

Otherwise, after the third strike, even if one applies jodan uke, your training partner is literally on-top of you.

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