Bujinkan Hicho No Kata Training

Training and reviewing the kihon happo as a part of every class, a reference to compare and practice at home outside of class, at the same time a chance to make correction and improvements in class.

Creating that positive feedback loop as part of the kihon happo- the basic eight ways.

Hicho no kata.

Exploring the use of the arm to block/parry/receive the lower strike from uke.

Ken kudaki-gedan uke is a good response.

Attack the limb and use the strike to influence the movement and structure of uke.

Gaeshi- overturn the strike, using the motion to sweep it aside with no force or pressure- did uke hit the target, a moment, a pause of uncertainty, followed by the kick.

Connection with the arm- a chance to receive the strike with ukemi and push/pull/move uke, breaking skeletal alignment, followed by the kick.