Bujinkan Shizen Walking

A training lesson from our last class.

The forest area bordering the park we train at- rows of tress, rocks, and bushes.

Standing in a line, and walking cross the wooded area.

Using taihenjutsu to meet the obstacles in the way, naturally and in a relaxed manner. Making sure that as we move we are maintaining good balance, and timing as to when one moves.

Sometimes it is a small shift of the body, other times a roll or a leap.

One of the personal movement challenges that I noticed was that as I approached and object to pass-by with ukemi I tended to speed me walking up to meet it.


This would be incorrect.

Keep the natural pace, don’t be in a hurry to arrive, as it might pull you out of balance or change the timing of things. If that object in my way was a training partner, better to let them rush ahead or hurry in the approach to meet me.

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