First Lesson Of The Dojo

I was used to what appeared to be random calls like this, which over time one learned were not random.

Can you meet us at the Westchester?

Saturday 1 PM?

The first challange was finding the teacher, if you arrived early you had to be on the lookout, and if a bit late a chance to spot him in the group. Usually we met at the food court, but you also learned a few other stores over time like the comic book shop.

Training like this was a chance to take things out in the real world, away from the safety of the dojo. Iluminating the understanding that the dojo is a safe place, perhaps the safest in the world.

Any mistakes that one would make in the dojo, mistakes that would get them killed, can be corrected by the teacher, or prevented through the compassion in the dojo.

Out in a place like this, if one makes a mistake what happens if the teacher and seniors are not around?

An excercise in awareness.

What was the training?

Today it was just watching people walk.


Watching the people who walk incorrectly, taking one step after another out of balance.

Stepping far and shifting the weight from one leg to another each time, and in that moment with all the weight on what leg, what happens?

The alignment of the feet and the direction they are pointing, are they pointing in the direction of the movement?

The fist and the body being one?

How do the legs align the hips, spine, shoulders, and head?

Noticing the people that *do* know how to walk?

Why is that, from the observations of movement, what is the tell of what they know in walking this way?

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