Hajutsu, Ken Kudaki, Koshi Kudaki, & Taihenjutsu Practice

Class this past weekend focused on hajutsu- escaping from a training partner that has grabbed you. Seems very simple, but often actually quite difficult from the perspective of oneself. What I mean by this is that when we are grabbed, tackled, or held down, immediately our first response is to fight back, to kick, punch, and grapple which further entangles ourselves in our training partner.

This tends to work fine when there is only one person, but in life this is often not the case as multiple people are always a consideration, or depending on your martial arts school just automatically understood.

In class just because you are practicing with one person does not mean they are the only person you have to navigate. Keep your awareness up and alive enough so you are ready for the next, and consider you own positioning among your training partner and what would happen if another “just appeared”.

Do you have an out?

Do you have a place to move?

How can you do this if you are now entangled with the first person?

And we aren’t even starting to examine putting three, four, or five other people into the mix.

Escaping (hajutsu) tries to teach us to strike, grapple, and break away from the training partner in class not only from a technical aspect but also from a mental aspect. Use techniques to create an opening for escape and not to just focus entirely on one person.